A new revolution. Starting from mums

This is a magic journey when you see a mum turned out to be a stunning and charming woman shining on the stage, like an inspired world woven by their beauty and confidence giving us boundless aftertaste.

Frankly, I didn’t expect too much at very beginning, plus things got worse when thousands of mums messed up the line, waiting for getting into the building. They were like the kind of women who  just finished shopping in the supermarket and still complained how come the price of eggs went up 1 cent. Maybe it was my stereotype, but after all, I have to confess that I was wrong.

Most of the women were born in the 50’s during the cultural revolution of China. Every woman was traditional and conservative, the culture didn’t allow them to show their beauty and body, there was no colors in their world back to time, they were happy and proud of being covered by dark green, blue, red. They would be shamed to be sexy and cared too much about their beauty. No body had one second thought of being on public showing their beauty like a model on TV. The most common sentences I’ve heard were: I am too old for that”, “This is too much for my age,” “I am too fat” etc. Apparently, they were so much influenced by the old China and the rule of being a Chinese woman.  But mums, it is the time you should go out of the kitchen and forget about being a mum, you are a beautiful woman. Thats how we encouraged them during the whole period. They were chasing it . They tried hard to learn how to stand straightly, how to walk on the runway and how to dress up to show off their bodies with style, colors.  The competition and training had been last two weeks. The time was short but meaningful. The show indeed gave them an amazing opportunity to be  a woman with their own beauty of their ages and confidence facing the new world.

At end of the day, when then walked like real models  on the runway, smiling at the whole world. They knew that they made it. I saw they were happy with tears and release. The stage, the flash light,the applause all belonged to them, it’s not only about a showtime, it is something in their life.

Gogo Yang