Comfort zone. Stay away and go!

I went out of my comfort zone, as regards the work, some time ago, exactly in 2014, and in Australia. I was born in Treviso, a small town just thirty kilometers from Venice, in Italy. This was not my first experience traveling abroad, but the first about job and in a very relaxed working environment and where I was welcomed like a family.

I lived in an even smaller town nestled in the Italian countryside, Preganziol, halfway between Treviso and Venice.

I have lived ever since I was little  in an environment that concerned the arts and the shows: my father always took me to see the “behind the scenes” of his work as a painter, designer and architectural teacher as well as  my mother. They are also teachers of architecture and arts. This influence has grown and excite me to be more involved in to art area and, hoping to be able to work in this area, in the area rich in cultural countries like Italy, so I decided to put effort on that after high school.

I studied at the University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice (what better city to be immersed in’ the Italian “Heritage”) Economics and Management of Arts for three years and another two years Master of Tourist Systems Planning. After this long period of studying, I had several collaborations and realized the culture-related projects.

comfort zone 1

But what led me to work in Brisbane, Australia, and in particular for the Co. As it. – Italian Language Centre (company that deals with community  services and support the teaching of Italian language)? Here’s the answer: the desire to undertake an experience closer to my passions and a bet with myself. Let me explain: I applied for this institution, to test myself and my skills in one of the most geographically distant countries from Italy (flight hours, believe me, seem endless), and to expand my world view . In fact, I always felt that whatever path we did, this will always lead to an improvement in ourselves in the future.

Then, stay away from your comfort zone and fly away!

P.S. You will always have time to go back to your first home.

Giandomenico Padovan