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Digital Marketing

  • Social Media and DSP (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Internet coverage.
  • App.
  • Digital Media & Search Marketing.
  • Contact and collaboration with online Chinese Media.
  • Search about the best placement of your brand in the Chinese web.


Business to Business

  • Contact and connection with showroom.
  • Contact and connection with buyers and retailers.
  • Contact and connection with producers (factories).


Telling a story of your brand

  • Brand Identity, creation of the right value of the brand, focused on the Chinese customers.
  • Relationship Marketing, continue the relationships with your clients after buying.
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Clients loyalty.
  • New ideas to engage more clients.


 Pop up

Pop-up store realized in Shanghai per WH Fashion Group during “Next Chinese Hot Mama Show”.

Business Development

  • Digital Strategic Planning, develop a plan based on your brand to move the customer behaviours.
  • Brand Consulting.
  • Trade show consulting and staffing.
  • Retailers and showroom introduction.
  • Window display.
  • Crisis and Issues Management.
  • Direct marketing, traditional marketing (calls and emails).
  • Promotional Marketing.


Sales and E-Commerce

  • Sales Promotion.
  • Brand and products placement in the ecommerce website.
  • Digital partnership and promotion.
  • Sales Acceleration, develop the best strategy based on your needs to improve your sales.


Market Analysis

  • Customer Analytics.
  • Market research before your brand arrival in China.
  • Analysis and weekly report about customer engagement; analysis and weekly report about selling.
  • Final report and advices to develop your brand further our collaboration.
  • Digital CRM.



Sam Guo, CEO of Elite Edge, is taking class in Shenzhen about Social Media and Fashion.

Public relations

  • Media relations, press release, media tour, press event
  • Public affairs.


Celebrity and Influencers

  • Influencers branding online and offline.
  • Influencer (and press) events.


Fashion overseas trips

  • Fashion and leisure trip.
  • Buyer trip.



Elite Edge in Rome, Italy, during a business trip.