Open my eyes: wechat.

Every morning, right after opening my eyes, the second thing is to grab my phone and log in my Wechat.  I must miss out something over night, so I need to catch up with it. as an instant messaging tool, it is much more than a chatting room, and it has became a lifestyle. The number of monthly active Wechat users has surpassed 760 million, 80%of which are in the age range of 20-40.

There is no doubt that Wechat is doing a great job here. In stead of asking people’s phone number, we add Wechat as the contact; In stead of asking your friends out, we check their moment to get to know them. If you think Wechat is just a tool of communicating with your friends, thats actually only a small part of it. It has became a sales platform,official company image and social network. It’s way beyond what we thought of it at the beginning. I top up my phone, transfer money,I don’t need to bring cash nowadays as I can just use Wechat to make the payment everywhere.

You cannot be underestimate its power as a dynamic marketing tool, which makes promotions and campaigns on official Wechat accounts a great strategy by an increasing number of brands. You might ask why a social communication tool could become such a popular business and marketing platform.

Girl Watching Mobile Video

  1. Why do you buy things from Wechat?

As a “ closed network”, the end- to- end ecosystem including online payment makes it incredibly convenient for people to engage with each other. As you know, people added on Wechat are  either friends or friends’s recommend. They have more credit than the random shops online. I am sure you would consider to buy the products from the people who you know rather than you have no idea. Plus your friends would like to care more about their personally reputation which is related with what they sale. No matter you call this as a favor or support their business, you get what you need easily and faster, your friends get the money, it seems like a win-win situation. Why not?

  1. Why and what do they sell things on Wechat?

No body would like to buy a car or a house on Wechat, it is only good for daily needs, like clothes, hair shampoo, cosmetics etc. Comparing with having Taobao( Alibaba) shops, set up a Wechat is much easier and cheaper. Their business is not necessary to attract tons of people, but targeting their own “ friends” can deliver a very effective ROI via Wechat moment.

  1. How do companies do business there?

Those public account could post information either daily or four times a month, the high quality content which include videos, newsletters, H5 tech etc give the most visually impactful way to build up communication with the viewers. People would like to subscribe those accounts which is interesting and informative. That’s effectively interpret the brands culture, also make the products well-known. You will see more and more creative ideas into original content to capture public attentions and easily keep the people and make them become consumers day by day.


Gogo Yang