The importance of fashion shopping

The importance of fashion. I’m not sure if many of us ask the question of the importance of fashion or if many of us have an answer to respond with. Do you dress to feel better about yourself, or is it about your status? What does it mean to you to wear designer clothes. Designer clothing is expansive, and can be time consuming, staying on top of all the trends of the day. In the United States, its very typical to hear an American say, “time is money” and that’s why if you ever visit New York, everyone is very motivated to get to their next destination.
Fast Fashion, brands as Zara, H&M, or Forever 21 seem to represent pieces that are very similar to some of your favorite designers. And these stores provide the latest trends almost 6 months sooner than many of your favorite designer. Zara, for example, is a company which is almost impossible to hear about in the United States even if you only took a single business course. Zara, has the best chain line management in the world. Within two weeks they can meet with designers and have the product on the shelve. Most companies take at least 6 months. So why pay more?
Recently, I was discussing fashion with my flatmate in Beijing, we were with a group of students from all over the world, who were shopping like madmen. They were going to places like the Silk Market or the Pear Market and bartering like their life depended on it. Kanya, just dropped Yeezy season three before fashion week in New York and has been trending in street fashion all over the globe. Many of our class-mates where buying boxes of fake Yeezys and thinking they were kings. I asked, Jack, my flatmate, why he was not participating in the festivities, and what he said was truly profound. “Thomas, if I were to buy fake Yeezy’s it would discredit my wardrobe”. Everything that he had invested into over his short 20 something lifetime would lack value because he sacrificed quality for the perception of something that wasn’t real. It’s not that he was afraid someone would find out that he had purchased an artificial item as much as the fact, for him, personally he was a man a principle. And his closest was consist to the man he was. This was the role of fashion for jack, a reflection of his values. He didn’t want to wear his Rolex watch with a pair of fake Yeezy’s because that didn’t reflect who he was. For me, I can feel quality, and I think you see it, even in the way someone carries oneself. I try to curate a wardrobe which reflects my values in life, represented by a
thoughtful sense of beauty. For me, fashion doesn’t stop there, I don’t support fast fashion brands for more than just quality. It’s ethical problem for me. As in, when you are paying such low prices, someone is not getting their share, and the practices are guaranteed to be sub-par. The fashion industry is the second worst cause of killing our plant, and I believe in investing into people who want to change that. And that is the importance of fashion for me.

Thomas Jordon Raybell