TV shopping channels

The channel that broadcast live 364 days a year for 16 hours a day and is accessible to 27 million homes in the UK. Back in 1993, a TV shopping channel was a foreign concept. However, a dozen years later the company had a profit of 12.5 million euros. Today, QVC stands for quality, value, and convenience and has a turnover of 450 million euros. Beauty is by far QVC’s biggest selling sector as the company sells over 247 different brands and some of them are unheard of. “Unlike a shop, any claim made on air has to be back up by substantial evidence.” says, Alsion Young who has been with the channel since its launch. This is a game changer as many local beauty halls can’t make this claim or will they let you return it even after 30 days. The other thing is no one is pushing you to buy it, if you don’t like what they are saying just turn the channel, its very convenient. Young, continues,“I hate hearing from brands. ‘what do I have to do to sell?’. Image being the customer, we hate being sold to-so I focus on the conversation and the individual language”. What Young is saying is that they are working hand in hand with you to find what best fits you. If something is not for you, they aren’t going to try and sell it to you. This creates an atmosphere in which customers never have false expectations and are always happy with their purchases.
To ensure that QVC can compete with department stores and high street retailers they work hard to sure exclusives. This type of strategy is often times selling American brands that when they are released sell out in minutes and then the only spot you can get them from is QVC. This is how QVC adds value to their company to compete with many of the brick and motor stores all over the world. Many new brands will approach QVC and try to get their products on it as well as really well known brands to introduce their brand to a bigger market.
Another strategy that the company uses is they try to use the founder of the brand to explain the product rather than paying an actor. They have build relationships with their customer base and this is their commitment to them in creating trust for both parties. Its more persuasive when the person is there in real life explaining their life work and what it means to them. One surprising source of support is online shopping. Rather than hurting TV shopping the Internet has actually helped make customers more willing to buy merchandise without first seeing it or trying it on, in person.“If your comfortable buying online, you’ll be comfortable buying stuff delivered to you by a TV shopping Network” says Mr. Crockett a senior analyst at Lazard Capital Market.

Thomas Jordon Raybell