What Chinese English teachers could be?

When we were little, parents always asked us about our dreams. I am sure at least half of the kids said “teacher”, which was not a exciting answer back to the time, However, something has changed. Being a teacher now has became the most powerful and ambitions dream in China, because its like the first window to open the new world for you,

  1. Jack Ma, an English teacher but leading the Chinese e-commerce market

If you have ever read news, you must know him, the one who changed the Chinese economy -Jack Ma.  He was an English teacher from 1988 to 1995. Then he founded his own company after visiting the U.S. Alibaba Group. Now it is expected to go public at a valuation greater than $150 billion. The Chinese company is expected to offer $15 billion worth of shares on the New York Stock exchange, truly announcing itself globally.With a total of 25 business units, Alibaba outsold Amazon and eBay put together in 2013, making it the fastest-growing tech company. Yahoo Inc., a large stakeholder in the company, announced that in the fourth quarter of 2013, Alibaba amassed $3.06 billion in revenue, an increase of 66 percent from the previous year. In the same quarter, net profits climbed up to $1.36 billion, more than double the year before.

2. Michael Yu,the “ China’s Godfather of English training”

Michael Yu is the founder and president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, a member of the central committee of China Democratic League. As the owner of one of the largest private educational services, Yu is known as the “richest teacher in China”, On Hurun Report’s China Rich List 2013, he had an estimated wealth $1.1 billion and was ranked No. 245 on the list.On the same list of 2015, he had an estimated wealth of $1.09 billion and was ranked No. 487. Also he was ranked No.1759 on Hurun Global Rich List 2015, with an estimated wealth of $1.1 billion. Approximately 70% of Chinese students studying in the United States and Canada have taken English classes from the firm. In addition, the online education section has attracted more than 2 million registered users since beginning in 2003. New Oriental was the first Chinese private education company to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

3. Yonghao Luo, opened up a new page for Chinese smartphone – Smartisan T1

A man who went from zero to launching an eccentric phone in just over two years, sounds impossible. But he made it.  In 2001, he was teaching at New Oriental Education. In 2006, he founded publishing platform company in order to gather all the talented young people. In addition, he donated millions money raised from the website to help the earthquake in Sichuan. China in 2008. However, this company had been shut down by Chinese government as political reasons. In 2012, he founded his new company and launched two new smartphones in 2015.  He had an estimated wealth 2$ billion RMB and received five hundred financing.

4. EliteEdge— The new bridge for foreigner products come to China.

This is us. We were all English teachers, it was a great opportunities to work together in the past, nobody had the thought to have our own company in the future. It is like a dream came true. We used to study in France, Australia, the UK. Now we all came back to China and we have full of passion and love to help foreigner brands come to China via internet and digital channels. We have already had some clients which involved parenting, babies, fashion and food etc. We would like to build up an international bridge between countries. We hope we will be like this big names above in the future.

To be an English teacher doesn’t only mean you teach the language, but also it could be a window to open the world. Therefore, don’t underestimate young people who have a dream of being English teachers, because it is a start of something big in the future.

Gogo Yang